YOUR VOTE IS IMPORTANT - On November 2nd, New Yorkers will finalize electing an entirely new city government from Mayor and Borough Presidents to the City Council members who will be representing you.


In addition, there are 5 key ballot measures that residents of New York State will be able to vote for or against. These measures are concerned with some of the most critical topics across the current political landscape such as redistricting, gerrymandering, voting rights, and climate change. (Click Here to Read)


They will be extremely consequential and will impact New York's various constituents for the foreseeable future. Thus, it is more important than ever to show up to let your voice be heard on these key issues. See you at the polls!

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Ballot Measures

Proposal 1




New York Redistricting Changes Amendment


This ballot measure would amend the redistricting process in New York as follows:

  • Include the counting of Native American residents, non-citizen residents, and the incarcerated into the redistricting process if said groups are excluded from the census.

  • Ensure that incarcerated people can be counted at their place of last residence, as opposed to their place of incarceration, for the purpose of redistricting.

  • Allow the redistricting commission to appoint two co-executive directors, regardless of party affiliation, by majority vote.

  • Revising the voting thresholds required to approve new district maps. Whether under divided party control or single-party control, a simple majority vote will suffice when approving the redistricting plan.

  • Repeal the block-on-border requirement that prevents redistricting plans from dividing towns.

  • Cap the amount of Senators that can serve in the state legislature at 63.

  • Condensing the redistricting timeline to meet election-related deadlines.

Proposal 2




Environmental Rights Amendment


This ballot measure would add the right to clean water, clean air, and a healthful environment to the New York Constitution's Bill of Rights.

Proposal 3




Remove 10-Day-Advance Voter Registration Requirement Amendment


This ballot measure would repeal the requirement that constituents must register to vote at least ten days before an election. This change would allow the New York State Legislature to pass a statute for same-day voter registration.

Proposal 4




New York Allow for No-Excuse Absentee Voting Amendment


The ballot measure would authorize the New York State Legislature to pass a statute to allow any registered voter to request and vote with an absentee ballot. Currently, only constituents who are absent from their district, or physically disabled are authorized to use absentee ballots.

Proposal 5

NYC Civil Court Jurisdiction Amendment

The ballot measure would increase the New York City Civil Court's jurisdiction over lawsuits involving claims for damages from $25,000 or less to $50,000 or less.